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Beautiful fall images, fall leaves clipart, autumn background|October and November clipart -Vivipic

Fall is the prelude to winter. It is a season of elegant temperament and the red, orange and yellow spectrum, with a bit of bleak feeling of branches. Therefore, fall relevant images and clipart are very useful and texture-adding to the work. After the retro plant materials released in the last article, Vivipic still has many unrevealed autumn materials and let us introduce to you.

Taking white, nude pink, khaki and brown as the main colors of the design, Vivipic designers has drawn a series of fall plant clipart. And we also have a collection of grayscale plant patterns. These simple and low-key clipart are very useful materials.

Click “Edit here” and search “plant08”, “plant14” and “plant15” in the Object library of the editor.

fall image1
fall image6
fall image7

Fallen leaves, pine cones, pumpkins and mushrooms are the most classic materials in fall. Everyone knows that the most well-known festival in autumn is Halloween, so these materials are widely used in September, October and November.

Click “Edit here” and search “plant10” in the Object library of the editor.

fall image3

Branches, especially pine trees, are also the soul material of autumn. With gray branches as the main axis, our Object library includes lovely trees in macaron green and pink, as well as pure pine trees and those with orange leaves as decoration, which are all suitable to adorn your design.

Click “Edit here” and search “plant11” and “plant16” in the Object library of the editor.

fall image4
fall image8

Fall is the season when flowers begin to wither. In addition to the retro-style oil paints introduced, Vivipic designers used Morandi blue watercolors to depict a sense of withering. The branches of morning glory and lotus flower are particularly linear.

Click “Edit here” and search “plant18” in the Object library of the editor.

fall image10

Can’t get enough of design materials? Go to Vivipic’s Object library to find more elements and designs suitable for you!

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