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Vivipic FAQ

Instruction of Vivipic’s Interface

Select filters according to your graphic design needs. For example, if you want to create a Facebook Post for New Year gathering food, just simply choose Facebook Post for media, New Year for events and Food & Beverage for business. We will present all the designs that fit your needs from thousands of templates, and boost your inspiration and creativity.

Select any template you like, and after entering the editor, you can still click Templates on the left, enter a keyword, and re-select your favorite design.

2. My Designs

This feature is only visible after logging in. You can add frequently used templates to Favorites by clicking the heart icon in the lower left corner, or create a new folder to categorize all designs by yourself.

Enter any keyword, such as baby, courses, new year, and the screen will jump to the Template Center, showing all suitable templates. You can also use the filters in the Template Center to select themes and industries you are interested in designing for.

Basic Features

1. Are the same template available in different sizes?

Yes, you can create contents with the same design in multiple sizes within one file that could apply to various platforms and media, such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

If you want to apply the template that already has different sizes, select the template that has a number marked in the lower right corner, 1/4 means there are four sizes to choose from.

2. How to check the size of my work? Is it possible to adjust the page size manually?

The size of each page in the workspace is shown and can be adjusted at Current Size in the toolbar on the right.

3. How to lock images, objects, or texts while editing?

Select the image, object or text you would like to lock, then click the lock🔒 icon on the toolbars.

4. How to edit file names?

You can rename your file on top of the editor right beside My Designs / .

5. How to turn on the rulers?

Click the drop-down menu on the right, and click Show rulers.

6.How to add pages?

To add a new page, just click the Add Page icon on the upper-right of the template.

Images Editing

1. How to edit images?

Select an image you would like to edit and click Adjust in the toolbar. Then you can fine tune the brightness, contrast and saturation of your image.

2. How to crop images?

You can crop the selected image into preferred size by clicking Cropping under Edit image.

4. How to upload my own images?

Drag your image directly to Uploads on the left or simply click Upload Image in Uploads.

5. How to delete photos in Uploads?

Move the mouse over the image you want to delete, click the white circle in the upper left corner.

After the tick is displayed, click the trash can icon at the bottom to delete it.

6. Can the images in the gallery be used for commercial purposes?

The images in the Vivipic gallery come from the website Unsplash, which provides more than 2 million high-resolution images.

All images are free to download, copy, modify, and can also be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Objects Editing

1. How to create object groups?

Press the shift key, select two or more objects (images, elements, and texts) at the same time, then click Group in the toolbar on the right to group all targets.

2. How to adjust the thickness of lines and frames?

Only Lines and Shapes in the Objects section can be adjusted.

After clicking the lines or shapes to be adjusted, you can edit their thickness, rounded corners, solid or dotted etc. in the toolbar on the right.

Background Editing

1. How to change the background color?

Click Backgrounds on the left to change the background color, or apply a pattern background.

Texts Editing

1. How to add text?

Click Texts on the left to add text.

2. How to change font, color and add shadow to text?

After clicking the text you want to edit, in the Text Format area on the right, you can change the font, size, color, word spacing, line spacing, alignment, and also shape and effect etc. 


1. What formats are supported for downloading?

Currently both PNG and JPG formats are supported.