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Vivipic Tutorial

Vivipic is an online graphic design tool developed for global e-commerce. We have collections for common online events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, and designs for various industries like Food & Beverage, Beauty & Fashion etc. Users are able to find thousands of templates and apply them simply with one click.

Login to Vivipic

Login with your Facebook, Google account, or sign up by email.

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Start your design

Select a template size that matches with your platform.

You can set the length and height of the design by yourself or adopt sizes commonly used in E-commerce: Facebook post (1080 x 1080), Facebook cover (1230 x 693), Instagram post (1080 x 1080), Instagram story (1080 x 1920), Google display ads(600 x 600) etc.

Next, we use the Facebook post as an example.

4 Steps to Create your First Design

1. Select a desired template in the editor

Select a suitable template on the web page, or enter keyword to filter the themes and industries you are interested in, such as baby, food, education, travel, New Year.

2. Customize elements, including photos, objects, backgrounds and texts

(1) Photos

Enter keywords to search for the photo you would like to use (all materials are free for commercial use).

The images on the templates are editable:

(2) Objects and Backgrounds

For both, you can search for illustrations, icons, and backgrounds you would like to use with keywords.

(3) Texts

You can add texts or adopt all kinds of slogan stickers to choose from below.

The texts on the template can be edited at any time. After clicking the text to be edited, select your desired font, size, color, word spacing, line spacing, alignment, etc. We have also prepared hundreds of fonts for you, so there would be no need to worry about running out of fonts!

3. Upload and add your own images as you like

You can drag and drop images directly to Upload on the left, or click Upload Image.

4. Download your masterpiece

Select the required format (PNG or JPG), size and range, then you can download your work. Hooray!