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Celebration of life invitations|10+ unique ideas to help say goodbye

Saying goodbye to dear family and friends is never easy. But life is such an endless cycle, what we can do is to keep their best memories in our hearts and live with us. Vivipic has designed a series of celebration of life invitations to make the last journey memorable and beautiful.

When designing cards, the use of ripped paper background can bring a more retro feeling and better texture. It is suitable to apply to memorial cards. We have two options for you to choose from.

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The elegance presented by flower and grass patterns has always been what Vivipic is good at. No matter whether you want to put photos or not, the overall atmosphere shows a fresh and solemn feeling.

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Low-key and elegant is also a common type of memorial cards. Black may be too low and too common for funeral. The use of blue and purple can add elegance and warmth. The following three templates can be referred to.

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Sending our most sincere blessings and condolences.

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