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House warming invitation|Celebrate your home sweet home with Vivipic

The completion of a new home means reaching a new milestone in life. Send house warming invitation cards to invite family and friends to celebrate this wonderful moment! Vivipic has a new housewarming series to save you the time and energy of making stunning invitation cards.

As simple and retro style with a little plant becomes more and more popular with home decor, we use the background of ripped paper and illustration of potted plants to present a warm and elegant feeling.

Since it is a housewarming party, the elements of home can be indispensable. By using lovely houses and furniture, such as vase, candles and sofa, your recipient can tell the purpose of the invitation cards at a glance, and warm colors give family and friends a warm feeling.

Another way to celebrate is in the form of a house warming party, which presents a lively and joyful feeling. Our designers put hand-painted drinks here to celebrate your happy day together.

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