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DALLE 2 AI images generator – create realistic photo from text

AI art products are prevailing , as are graphics and design generator software. In the previous article, we introduced the application of Midjourney, this one is to talk about DALLE 2 by OpenAI . The first generation of DALLE is a model developed on the vision system CLIP launched by OpenAI last year. Evolved from the first generation, DALLE 2 has three new functions: editing, high resolution and variation, which is able to output more clear, accurate and high-quality works.

Before we start, enjoy some WOW examples made with DALLE 2...

Many users have used DALLE 2 to make amazing works, some even use it together with Photoshop or other editing software. And there are also application of generating videos!

How to use DALLE 2? -advanced editing makes the output images more in line

“How to use DALLE 2?” is a frequent heard question when users first approach to AI images. DALLE 2 can make realistic edits to existing images from a natural language caption. It can add, remove or substitute elements while taking shadows, reflections, and textures into account, even merge two existing pictures.

Freely add elements to the image

The following is an example published on the official website. In image 2, you can see that a flamingo is added to the left. Modify the position of the flamingo simply by changing the text description.

Remove elements and add new ones with text 

We also played with DALLE 2 ourselves. We took a picture from the Unsplash gallery, smeared to remove the stone in the picture, and entered the text: “An elephant facing camera”. Voilà! Here you go a frontal elephant, and in harmony with the style of the original image.

Effortlessly merge two photos to one nice image

In terms of combining photos, we tried mixing a hot air balloon sky photo with a sunset mountain view. We used a free image processing tool to joint the two pictures together in one canvas, erased the unnecessary parts in the middle and saved it in png. format. Then we uploaded it to DALLE 2, entered text: “balloons flying in the sky, sunset” It turned out to be a harmonious and beautiful image.

High resolution, variation and other special features

The resolution has been increased from the original 256 x 256 pixels of the first generation to 1,024 x 1,024 pixels, greatly improving the texture and practicality of the overall image application.

In addition, DALLE 2 can reproduce a set of Variation with similar styles to the original image based on the pictures provided by the user. It will provide multiple versions of results for users to choose from before download. Each version is slightly different, but the overall style and characteristics are still the same.

Furthermore, DALLE 2 has been cleaned up to remove the most explicit content. The team has developed techniques to prevent the photorealistic generation of real people, including public figures, and with content filter and automated/human monitoring system to overwatch the mechanism.

Questions you might have...

How to access DALLE 2 ‘s beta?

(1) Go to Click on “Join waitlist” below the site description. As for how long is Dalle 2 waitlist cannot be guaranteed.

(2) Once you pass the application, the invitation code will be emailed to you. However, it is still uncertain how long it will take to review an application. So make sure you fill out the information as completely as you can. 

What does it take to enjoy DALL·E 2 ‘s service? Is it free?

You will get 50 free credits in the first month and 15 free one will be refill every month after that.

If that is not enough, you can buy DALLE credits by using the “Buy Credits” button in your account page, or in the profile photo dropdown menu. Free credits expire one month after they were granted, and paid credits expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

** Please note: this post is a review from Vivipic and registration for Vivipic doesn’t mean you can access DALL·E 2. You can only access DALL·E 2’s beta by following the steps mentioned above. 

More collection of images created with DALLE 2

“An astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style”

“A cat shopping on the Fifth Avenue drawing”

“Monalisa in a flower dress”

Remove the person in The Scream and enter text “shiba”

Merge apples and lemons with text “A photo of apples and lemons flying in a blue background”

We’ve tested DALLE 2 with dozens of prompt ideas. It has made a great progress but the whole AI technique still has a long way to go to generate graphics and vectors precisely, so we will wait and see. On the other hand, Vivipic is a free online design editor with variety of templates and design elements frequently updated. Visit our Template Center to learn more>>